Terms & Shipping

The prices displayed online are inclusive of VAT.
The total shown before you have confirmed the order will be exactly the amount you have to pay.

As far as the payments by bank transfer are concerned, we suggest to send us a copy of the payment by e-mail at info@racebibup.com to speed up the delivery process, since it takes a few days to credit the amount in the account.

The order will be confirmed as soon as we will receive the payment, and not from the day of your purchase on our portal.

We will guarantee the shipment (delivery) only of the products paid through the payment methods accepted by us. We do not accept other forms of unauthorized payment.

If we do not receive the amount within 10 days from the order, it will be deleted. Please read carefully the payment methods.

A few minutes after making the order you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address you entered during the purchase process.

If you receive the e-mail depicting the order summary, this means that the procedure has been successful and you can pay.

It is important to declare an authentic e-mail, which also has to be the one of the person performing the order. This e-mail address may be used by our operators to contact you in case of need.

You cannot make payments on delivery abroad.



You will receive the package with your item at your address through the local Post service.

The traceability of the package is guaranteed just into the Italian borders. The delivery will depart every Tuesday after having received the payment.

You will not be informed when we will send the item. We do not consider ourselves responsible for wrong addresses or errors that can cause the failure of the delivery. Delivery time within 10-15days (Europe).


The delivery will start within 12/24 hours from the confirmation of the received payment and will be made by express SDA.

Shipping number will be supplied only in case of non-delivery within 8 days from the order (out of Europe 15days).

All the orders will be sent to the addressees in chronological order by date of the received payment. The delivery time may vary. On average it takes no more than 7 working days.

Our operators will not communicate you when they send the item, but please feel free to contact us if it has not arrived within 15 working days from the payment. In case you do not receive the product we will try to track it down contacting the appropriate office.

We do not consider ourselves responsible for wrong addresses or errors that can cause the failure or the delay of the delivery.


Pursuant to and for purposes of the Art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, hereby I declare to permit Key Sports Marketing the processing of personal data.

The data will not be provided to third parties.

All data are transmitted and processed within the company with the utmost respect for the privacy laws.

The data will be only used for sending items,  important communications, opportunities and promotions related to the site KEYSPORT.

You can cancel your data at any time informing us via email to our e- mail address info@racebibup.com