RaceBIBup Magnets limited edition (pack of 4)


The raceBIBups are not normal magnets but powerful magnets to be used instead of pins during sports competitions where you need to fix a race number on the shirt. This way you will no longer have to puncture your clothes. (4 couple of magnets inside every set)

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  • Do not rust. They guarantee grip in every weather conditions.
  • Made in Italy. Weight less than 5 grams each couple of magnets.
  • Easy to fix on every kind of sport shirt.
  • Design the round shape without edges, has been created to guarantee maximum grip.
    Easy positioning of the magnets.
  • They do not lose grip. Strong power.
  • Wash and place your magnets after every usage, inside the special packaging. Like this increases durability.
  • They do not interfere with timekeeping systems, and cardio watch.
  • Ideal for many sports (cycling, skating, athletics, running, dance etcc ..) where you need fix a race bib number.

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